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Felt Sense Psychotherapy

Jenna Hamm MSW RSW RYT

Welcome to my virtual healing space. I’m Jenna, an integrative therapist, yoga teacher, mother, lifelong learner, and self-healer. I love reminding people who they are and how much power they have to recover from anything the world has thrown their way. I play with neurobiology and the nervous system, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, parts work, somatics, and integrative medicine; creating unique and dare I say, enjoyable options for processing the past and transforming your life.



The Library

A comprehensive membership for self-led healing.

I teach people how to understand themselves, regain control over their lives and access tools for healing, without the force or overwhelm.

Education, Guided Practices and Community, all for $25/month

Transform Your Mental Health: A Holistic E-Book for Home

It shouldn’t cost a fortune to be well. And it doesn’t have to!

There are no meds, supplements, no gadgets, no amount of grass-fed free-range organic gmo-free diet that can do more than you can.

YOU hold the key. Your inner system has been waiting on YOU. Not on the next biohack.

We don’t have to get too caught up in the granular stuff; when we establish inner safety and connection, the body knows how to take care of the rest. Get your copy today!

1:1 Services

Want personalized time with me one-on-one? This personalized approach provides you with individual attention and guidance to help you achieve your goals. Let's get started on your journey today!

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