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Journey to Self: Exploring Parts Work


Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence-based model of therapy that is based on the understanding that the mind is made up of many parts, or sub-personalities. IFS also recognizes that we all have a core Self, which is in everyone, can’t be damaged, and knows how to heal. Throughout the course of our lives, our psychological parts are often forced out of their natural states and into new roles; some becoming protective and others wounded. IFS offers our parts the opportunity to 'unburden' from these roles and gently recover from the past. The first half of this 2.5 hour workshop is educational: explaining the neuroscience and links to other theoretical, therapeutic, and spiritual approaches. The second half is experiential: going inside to discover and communicate with the parts of you needing your attention. You will also gain access to 14 audio exercises, recorded by me, to come back to and explore your internal system of parts.

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