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A 100+ page deep healing guide. This e-book is designed to provide you with all that you need to know to navigate your mental health recovery at home. It eaches readers about their neurobiology & nervous system, how to support human physiology with food, supplements, movement, water, light, earth and how to use evidence-based parts work therapy in a self-directed way. 

Holistic Mental Health Care at Home

  • You’ve done the therapy.


    You’ve tried the medication.


    You’ve seen the holistic health practitioner.


    Taken the workshops, read the books, followed all the accounts.


    And you’re still. not. better.


    This E-book lays it all out for you.


    It’s applicable, digestible, yet comprehensive.


    And it’s been getting results for countless people since 2021!

  • And it doesn’t have to!

    There are no meds, supplements, no gadgets, no amount of grass-fed free-range organic gmo-free diet that can do more than you can.

    YOU hold the key. Your inner system has been waiting on YOU. Not on the next biohack.

    We don’t have to get too caught up in the granular stuff; when we establish inner safety and connection, the body knows how to take care of the rest.

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